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I Experiment of Children

I conducted an experiment on my children a week ago. I am by nature a deconstructionist- always wanting to know the essence of a thing. I ask so many questions. What is the truest nature of a person? What makes things work? How can this thing be? I’m interested in the outcome and therefore interested in the parts of a person that create the outcome. I like to understand pathways. Perhaps I should have become an engineer; maybe there’s still time.

I’ve always wanted to see how late children will stay awake. Will they fall down in the middle of the floor at 2 am from exhaustion or will they keep going, and going, and going until the end of the world. Last Friday I decided to create a hypothesis, test it and record my results. Hypothesis being: My children would be so tired they would ask for bedtime, because children love routine. My dear husband looked at me like I was crazy but knowing how my brain works gave me a thumbs up and went to sleep.

My children and I began the experiment by just hanging out on the floor with minimal stimulation, then they found their toys and that’s when it happened. The look in their eyes changed! It went from “I’m tired” to “OMG, is this really happening. Toys at night. PLAYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!”. And that’s when it slowly started to sink in that I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Results of my experiment are: Children will not pass out from exhaustion, children will play as long as you let them, children will be tired but will find supernatural strength to keep playing and making noise.

Now I know….

So at around 2am I surrendered, disproved my hypothesis, corralled them to sleep and enjoyed a nice long rest.

This reinforced a very important lesson. There are so many ideas, dreams, desires in my heart. Some are crazy, some are fun but some are life changing. Why not dig deeper into all of them to find out which is which. The crazy ones might be the life changing ones. The fun ones may be the fodder for inspiration for the dynamic ones. We should lead a lifestyle of innovation and self- discovery. How can I create if I don’t know what’s in my heart to create. Answering the question, “What do I want?” is often the hardest thing to do. But once we find the answer we can become unstoppable.

Will you join me in a quest to become unstoppable? To identify and live out the dreams of your heart. The world is changing around us. We need to lively courageously. Walking in our destiny and purpose so we can be in position to be of service to the world and its people when the moment comes. Let our preparation meet the opportunity. We were made for this!

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