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Are You Weirder Than Me

Was driving the other day and I was suddenly overwhelmed with grace. To the point that I began smiling and laughing out loud. The definition of a kool-aid smile was found on my face. I felt electric, unstoppable but most of all blessed. The laughter almost turned into tears as the complete rush of heavens love came into the car. Wait, what? It was a normal day. Driving my daughter to school. Stuck in traffic. Yet God’s presence was with me, and with me in such a weird way. Ha!

During this time in my life so many things are turning upside down. The understandings of the past are only foundations and no longer tools to get me toward the future. The past is a frame for reference, a position to provide perspective on the present reality. History is what helps us know who were are and where we’ve been but I need to know where I’m going. I need to know what’s behind door number one, two and three so I don’t make the wrong decision. This level of accuracy can only come through an innovative work of the Spirit of God. And what I know for sure is that God is working a new work in me. A weird work in me. People always say -It’s ok to be weird- but they are usually the one snickering and staring at the person singing to themselves on the train, or secretly taking pictures of the person wearing the bright colored prints for their ridicule Instagram post. But guess what, God is telling me it’s ok to be weird. I’ve always been different from the crowd, danced my own dance to my own beat from a drum I made myself and now I’m being told to step it up a notch- get even weirder. Regardless of the onlookers, sideline chatter or mainstream ideas- weird it up. And as I am free to be me God is free to Him. Reminding me that He is the weirdest of them all. Requesting light from darkness, love from hate, clothing divine with flesh, speaking in stories no one understands and demonstrating quiet surrender in the midst of a loud aggressive world. And so, while I’m waiting, me and my weird God will be weird together.

Be yourself my friends. The world is waiting for your uniqueness to shine.

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