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Crushing on Michael

I grew up in a very strict Christian household. That meant we were not allowed to listen to music that wasn’t Christian, no parties, no revealing clothes, no late hang outs, it was NO to a lot of things, but, as a child there’s always a way around no.

My sisters and I would sneak unlawful music into the house. Mixtapes, Mtv and Vh1 were the underground conduits we used to smuggle in our contraband. I went through a rock and roll phase and Nirvana, Guns n Roses and Pearl Jam were among my favorites. But some of the clearest memories I have of being enthralled with music happened when I saw The Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan Show, watching contemporary Michael Jackson videos and believing in the ability of music to make you feel something, believe something, hope for something. So many times in my life I’ve been saved by a song. Carried to a sudden realization through a soft vibrato or pushed into catharsis by soul stirring melody. Music is definitely a divine creation. And so the song “Man in the Mirror” recently changed my perspective about life.

Walking around with so many things needing attention. I found myself weighed down with thoughts, concerns and worries. I wondered how this would turn out and how that would reconcile itself. I wondered about my daughter’s stiff neck and my son’s future. I thought about the possibilities of parallel dimensions and the water found on Mars. There were so many things to figure out! Then all of a sudden I look up to see my reflection in the mirror. And the person staring back at me wasn’t the person I felt standing there. The person in the mirror was bright, beautiful and full of destiny. And I smiled. It was if I really did emerge from a parallel dimension. The woman in the mirror called me to make a change. Lift your head girl. Your bright countenance is the light and glory of God on your face, shining mercy, blessing and favor on every area of your life. I saw myself as God sees me and not as my thoughts would dictate. Wow. the music in my head was a mixtape of Yolanda Adams, Misty Edwards, the Passion Band and others. I rocked and swayed and danced to the rhythm of my own songs because this music, this courage building bass beat was marching me into victory.

While I’m waiting, I’m learning to break free from the lateral ways my mind works and connect to the vertical, multi-directional truths of God’s tremendous grace for my life.

What do you need to break free from? How can you realize and believe the true beauty of yourself. Try looking in the mirror….

Recuerda que eres hermosa!

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