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Say It With Your Chest!

So much of life is spent underutilizing the things that make us great- our voices, our smiles, our passion. Somehow we get caught in the day to day activities of survival: waking up, getting dressed, taking care of children, coordinating schedules, cooking dinner, organizing programs. Or maybe your day looks a little different: Commuting, going to work, reading the paper, grabbing a donut, talking to a colleague. Or maybe it’s rushing out the door, forgetting your metro card, smiling at the train or bus operator for a free fare, focused at work, quick look to see what’s trending online, glass of wine. There are so many variations of life. How we get through our day to day. It all seems and is so important. Until one day we wake up to realize we have gone for days, weeks, months without doing the things that cause our hearts to soar.

I admit to being caught in this cycle. Minding my children, working in church, caring for family - it all seems and is so important but it is easy to do those things without passion, without intensity, without purpose. I wake up sleep deprived because my children crawl into our bed at 2:30 in the morning, unremorsefully flailing their knees and elbows into my back. They wake up to go to the bathroom, pushing me over because they do not have enough room to sleep. Added to the late night prayer sessions that God seems to enjoy having with me, the barrage of personal thoughts and concerns of others. I’m tired all the time. Pushing forward sometimes on Empty- I reflect and wonder- what did I do with extreme purpose today? I know what I did. I know the routine. But what did I really do?

I’ve decided that there has to be a moment in each day where I intentionally do something on purpose with purpose. Or as Kevin Hart says “I say it with my chest!” Where I stand in the full strength, hope and possibility of who I am and who I could be and DO something. To intentionally use my words and speak life, favor and happiness into my life. To command my morning, afternoon and night. To make sure I am intentionally aligned with God’s will for my life. To take a moment to position myself in a stance of victory and forward progression. Even if it is simply a scripture confession or positive reflection.

I love when I see people smiling to themselves as they walk down the street. In New York the normal gaze is one of focused frustration. But those who are unafraid to smile widely, when no one else is apparently participating have the courage to live boldly in their moment of joy. To be comfortable in their own moment. To SAY IT WITH THEIR CHEST!

So I dare you, get in the shower and sing your song with your chest. With all the feeling and vibrato you can muster, really sing it with your chest. Love your children with your chest. Look at them in the eye and talk with them- no multi-tasking allowed. Write that business plan with your chest. Putting fearless dreams on paper. Jump shot with your chest, Ask for a date with your chest, Live with focused intention, knowing that the greatest part of you should be used every day. The creative force should create every day.

Each day take time to intentionally say three things. I will succeed. I will find my purpose. I will move forward. Say it and mean it. Find ways to achieve it. There is strength and power in our words. What we declare is connected with the movement and happenings of time. What we say can affect the people around us. Let’s truly believe it and walk in that reality every day. Say it with your chest. Live intentionally.

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