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Sister Against Sister- It Should Not Be

Why is it surprisingly refreshing to see true sisterhood? As if love and support aren’t normal. For generations there has been those who sought to bring division among people groups so that they could benefit from the separation and gain power over all. We see this in slavery when those in power separated indentured slaves into blacks and whites to safeguard their endangered power. Giving perceived authority and comradery to the whites and creating an underclass to destroy the unity among slaves. There has also been a division among women. Limited opportunity and sexism has fueled a belief that there can only be a few successful women because there is not enough room at the top for all of us. Why must we examine every part of a women’s outfit when she walks through the door? Identify the name brand on her bag and give makeup tips in our mind to help her resolve that uneven contour. Somehow, somewhere, someone created this division and at times we all feed into it, but I think it’s time for a change.

Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money. We ate and enjoyed government cheese, I still remember that long brown box. But above all things, my mother taught us to love people and each other. She modeled before us how to give love in selfless ways, how to forgive and how to serve. I have two sisters. We call ourselves Sisters 3 and they are truly beautiful women. In countless ways they have been there for me. Encouraging my dreams, increasing my style quotient, saving me from sadness. We grew up together in one room. Three girls- one room, one bathroom- an adventure all its own. And although some have tried to come between us, making comparisons, whispering secrets- we have always found a way to stay together. Found a way to stay friends. It’s not always easy because there will be genuine disagreements that will hurt to the core, but the love we have as sisters will find a way to surpass and overcome those times. Because there is no benefit in separation. There is no benefit of two against one (although I remember when they used to gang up on me when we were younger to hide my favorite stuffed animal!! Thank goodness that’s over- I forgive you). There is only joy in the bond that we share as sisters. Unbreakable and forever Sisters 3

And that is also my hope for women and girls throughout the nation and world. That we will find joy in what connects us. That we will forgive and come together as friends. There is no benefit in stepping on one so that you can rise higher. There is no benefit to throw shade out of jealousy or fear of failure. There is no benefit in bullying. There is no benefit in exclusion. There is no benefit in veiled social media posts that rant and expose our sister’s shortcomings. There is no benefit in division. We conquer when we are unified. We lead by example- there is always someone watching how we handle the situations in our lives. The younger generation, the older generation and even our peers. Can we show’em how love is done.

Let us come together sisters and brothers. Let us connect, mentor and share. We are a family. I am here to be a blessing to you however I can.

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