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The House of Bread

I have officially baked my first loaf of bread!! Plait bread. It tasted good and looked….. almost pretty. My daughter also made a small loaf of bread. We baked bread together- how wonderful- a mother and daughter having our first bread making experience together. She may not remember it, but I will. Amazing shout out to Kristel for organizing the bread making party! I needed the moral support, bread making tools, expert knowledge of quick rise yeast versus traditional yeast rising times, kneading advice and pizza breaks.

In my previous blog, I said I “would love to bake bread and fill the house with beckoning smells of deliciousness and love”. And that’s exactly what I did. It wasn’t my house but the smells were still delicious.

There are things that will happen this year that will be answers to prayers. Big prayers and small prayers. And most of them will make you smile and realize there is so much life to live. There are so many new experiences to have. Have you tried eating octopus, parasailing or even walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. There is so much to do and we can help each other do them. We can all be used to be answers to someone’s prayers. Be a help or encourager. We are a community. Sitting together on this Earth. A family, willingly or not- a family none-the-less. Can we be our brothers and sisters keeper? Can we love others above ourselves?

How selfless can we get?

The blessings will come but let’s make sure to also be a blessing.

Thanks Kristel for being an answer to prayer. You are a blessing!

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