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Watch it Chef! Here I come.

Blue Apron. Such a wonderful experience. There’s a part of me that wants to be a culinary genius! Whisking and frying, marinating and spicing, baking and souffléing. I want to live the dream of having made the perfect meal every time. Would love to bake bread and fill the house with beckoning smells of deliciousness and love, but somehow I can only get to making Grands biscuits in the oven. I really like Grands biscuits especially with eggs and grits but I want to leave a long-lasting legacy of real bread smells for my children. To have them remember me in my apron spicing ham and tenderizing chicken all to create the perfect bite. So when I received my first Blue Apron box I was thoroughly excited to live the dream.

Inside wrapped in cool looking foil paper were locally grown vegggies, fresh meats, spices, knick knacks- everything I needed for my perfectly prepared meal and I didn’t have to roam the aisles looking for parsnips. I seasoned and tossed. I rolled and stirred. I rough chopped and gently patted. I was Julia Child, The Nealys and Rachel Ray in one. I left the kitchen to find that the beautiful aromas wafted into the living room. This is what I’m talking about! Chef Aisha changing the atmosphere with her knife and pot! My family looked at the plated food with renewed interest (I pardoned their shade) and they ate it! How did you make this, he asked. Oh I just put it together, I said. (can a woman still have secrets?) It was great.

So what did this teach me? The fulfillment of dreams will always come in unexpected ways. Perhaps it’s not in a 6 month culinary course or international tastings at international ports but instead it will be festive cuisine in your very own kitchen. I’ve had several dreams become reality these last few months. Dreams of love, acknowledgment, happiness, food! And they all happened in the most unanticipated ways. Often I didn’t even want them to take place because in their nascent stages it seemed like the complete opposite of what I dreamed. It seemed the entire endeavor would come crashing down with me as the target. BUT. It didn’t crash, it didn’t even crumble. It soared and thrived and exceeded my expectations. Leaving me with my mouth hanging open, heart in hand and tears streaming down my face. Completely in awe of how an awesome God truly does turn things around for my good.

So my friends, it might look different, feel uncomfortable, sound indecipherable but it’s really exactly what you need. Exactly what I needed. 2016 the year of Great Expectations. My expectometer is on 100 right now. The best time is now. Your best time is today.

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