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Where the Party At??!!

I’ve always wanted to go a party and be the girl with my hands in the air shaking it like I just don’t care. Just for fun I might drop it like its super-hot and then sashay off the floor with all eyes on me. Sigh. There’s one thing I have always been and that’s a church girl. I have been in church since before I was born and it seems that all the songs, sermons and Holy Ghost came through the amniotic fluid and made its way into my heart. I’ve tried many many times to give God the Peace-out but I always find myself right by His side.

He persistently pursues me. Hanging out in my space, sitting there smiling as I tried to ignore his warm demeanor. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman? Says who? He has invaded my space on more than one occasion without invitation and without apology. He is not a gentleman but a license taking supreme power who will always have his way. I smile as I write this because would we have it any other way? It is inspiring that someone so wonderful, would feel passionately endeared to humanity, and willing to enter our existence just to say hello.

I wonder, if at some point in my life I happen to find myself on the dance floor grooving it out or on the bar table singing “Benny and the Jets” would God come and smile at me. Would He give me a quick nod, extend His foot and suddenly I find myself flat on the floor, mysteriously tripping on the invisible. God does have a sense of humor.

I enjoy my set apart life to Him. It hasn’t always been easy. I have been Jesus crazy at times inserting distance between those who could have been true friends. I wish to do somethings over but most things I would repeat again. I entrusted my life to God and in His hands it will stay.

For those of you who feel like taking a different road. Trying a different religion. Feeling out a new devotion. You may want to start over- explode your life, because maybe the grass is greener on the other side. DON’T! You’re exactly where God wanted you to be at the exact moment God wanted you to be there. Stay faithful. Stay committed. Do the work on your own soul to understand why you are unhappy with the choices you made. And once you have learned the secrets of your heart, submit them to God so He can heal the scars. Healing is always followed by joy. So get ready for the joy. 2016 a year of great expectations.

With love and expectation,


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