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Zoolander Fierce

Life has so many spirals. Ups and downs. Looped de loops. One moment you feel as if you are on top of the world and the next you are plunging 30 miles per hour, screaming at the top of your lungs. What happened? How can life change in .2 seconds? The abrupt changes are always more difficult to handle than the slow transitions, because barely is there any warning of what lies ahead.

In my younger days when I used to ride roller coasters I would plant my feet at the bottom of my seat, hold tightly to the rail and close my eyes. I fiercely hoped this position would help stabilize me during the drop. I enjoyed the loops because who doesn’t love being upside down? And there was usually a level section directly following the loop. I felt really accomplished after the ride. Like I was now in the cool crowd because I was brave enough to get on something I knew would totally freak me out! But somehow that sentiment hasn’t carried over into my older years. You won’t find me near a coaster now. I don’t have time to feel my stomach in my mouth. But the way I handled the drops in the roller coaster are similar to the way I handle the drops in life. I plant my feet, hold on tight and hope that I’ll get off this ride alive. Grabbing the rails with all my might, looking backwards- wondering what happened, life was good .2 seconds ago.

I admired the people who would sit at the front of the coaster and with lifted hands and open eyes growl in the face of the impending fear. What were they superhuman? I now understand, that is the way to get through the hard times, the scary times, the sad times and any other time. Look it right in the face! Get your best Zoolander face and work it! Go through it fully aware so you can see exactly what it is that scares you. Or where you keep making the same mistake. Open your eyes, shout out a praise and get to the end!

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